Kitchen Cost

What Is The Price Tag On A Dream Kitchen?

How much does a new kitchen cost? Ask that question to five different kitchen fitters, and you’ll get five very different answers, often varying by thousands of Rands. A good kitchen can start anywhere from R200 000 and go all the way to R400 000+ for high end.

After all, there are so many different factors that go into the cost of a kitchen.

Yet that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

With a little insight, inspiration and forward planning, it’s entirely possible to get a pretty accurate idea about the costs involved.

That’s where Moremi Kitchens comes in.

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Everything You Need To Know

Today, we’ll outline everything you need to know to put together a budget for your new kitchen.

Kitchen size – One of the biggest reasons we can’t give an estimate without a consultation is the kitchen size. Even with 2 same sized kitchens, the final price may be different due to material and style choices.

Type of Material required – There are various types of wood to choose from for your kitchen such as hard wood and laminate. The finish on the chosen material also plays a big role. A gloss finish, for example, will cost more than a matt finish board. It all comes down to the look that each client is aiming for.

Countertop – This is one of the largest single cost in a kitchen. Countertops range all the way from entry level Formica tops all the way to Proquartz and ceasarstone. There’s a countertop to suit each budget and with Moremi Kitchens we will make your kitchen space beautiful no matter the choice.

Door mechanisms – These days you find a wide variety of mechanisms, from soft close to push to open or just the standard handles. These play a big role in the final cost of your kitchen as your chosen choice attracts it’s own price bracket.

Back splash tiling – Your choice of tile matters and it’s that beautiful finishing touch that every modern kitchen requires. There are entry level tiles all the way up to high end tiles as well.

Appliances – The brand name of the appliances you choose such as ovens and hobs contributes quite a bit to the final cost as well. It all comes down to taste and budget.

These are some of the major contributing factors to kitchen cost. Let us know in the comments what you would add to this list…maybe we missed something that’s important to you.

Moremi Kitchens is ready and able to assist you in realizing your dream kitchen!